Black Friday Collection

Enjoy a 20% discount, and free UK delivery, on all land&water products this Friday to Monday period only.  Discount applied at checkout. 

Body Wash 250ml
Body Wash 250ml £16.00
Candle 220g
Candle 220g £18.00
Hand Wash 250ml
Hand Wash 250ml £15.00
Alcohol Hand Gel 250ml
Alcohol Hand Gel 250ml £15.00
Reed Diffuser 115ml
Reed Diffuser 115ml £29.00
Hand Duo x2 250ml
Hand Duo x2 250ml £32.00
Bath Salts 250g
Bath Salts 250g £17.00
Alcohol Hand Gel 50ml
Alcohol Hand Gel 50ml £5.00
Shampoo 250ml
Shampoo 250ml £15.00
Bath & Body Oil 100ml
Bath & Body Oil 100ml £20.00
Body Duo x2 250ml
Body Duo x2 250ml £35.00
Salt Scrub 300g
Salt Scrub 300g £20.00
Conditioner 250ml
Conditioner 250ml £15.00
Hand Lotion 250ml
Hand Lotion 250ml £17.00
Clean Hands Duo x2 250ml
Clean Hands Duo x2 250ml £30.00
Body Lotion 250ml
Body Lotion 250ml £19.00
Explore Set x5 50ml
Explore Set x5 50ml £35.00
Hometime £64.00 £79.00
Slowtime £48.00 £57.00
Bathtime £77.00 £91.00
Shoreline £82.00 £96.00
Springtime £46.00 £55.00
Little Shoreline
Little Shoreline £58.00 £67.00
Restore (Working Title)
Restore (Working Title) £63.00 £74.00