Born on the shoreline…

land&water on the shoreline


A blast of fresh air, a break from the everyday: relaxation is about so much more than a candlelit bath. For us, it’s about awakening the senses with day-seizing moments, as much as resting adventure-tired limbs. Time outside makes us feel better inside.

Sea, lake or river; beach, cliff or shore. land&water grew from many joyful moments spent on the threshold between dynamic and restful; a place and a mindset that informs everything we do. 

Inspired by being in, on, or looking out over water, and the invigorating and restorative effect it has on us, our products capture that emotion with a blend of buoyant citrus and serene, green and woody notes. Feel the journey from cold waves to warm firesides, long walks to slow baths; breathlessness to gentleness – and back again.

But wherever we are, and however everyday realities bind us, we know the importance of finding little ways to enrich our days, enhanced by contact with the elements. Be it walking to work a different way, staring at the sky or losing ourselves in the reflection of light on a pond.

Outside and inside. Exhilaration and calm. Solitude and company. It’s all in the balance.

In everything we do, we want to minimise our impact on the environment we love, from the sustainable ingredients we select, to our 100% post-consumer waste recycled bottles. We’re always led by the wide skies, fresh breezes and natural wonders that make us who we are – and the ways they make us feel.

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