“A simple shelter, somewhere peaceful, surrounded by nature...” Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

Come with us on a visual tour of the beautifully crafted cabins, shepherd huts and architect-designed treehouses that our land&water products call home, as we explore what makes these back-to-nature spaces so alluring…

Both a physical refuge from the elements and a mental retreat from the relentless demands of the modern world, the humble cabin now stands as a symbol of unplugged utopia. Leafing through images of enchanting dwellings in the woods, we’re reminded of a less complicated existence, attuned to the rhythms of nature and offering the solace of increasingly rare solitude.

And, from handcrafted shepherd huts in the Lake District to sea-view cabins in Wales and hideaways by South Devon’s River Dart, we’re lucky enough to supply some of the most inspiring contemporary small-scale retreats in the UK with our land&water collections.

Though the latest crop of cabins might evoke back-to-basics living, the interiors are often anything but – combining an escape to nature with hotel-style comforts. Depending on which you choose, you could find king-size beds, spa-like bathrooms, generous roll-top tubs, or even daily housekeeping. And yet, they all share an innate connection with their wild surroundings.

So switch your phone to airplane mode, leave the stresses of daily life behind and let the natural inspiration sink in…


Skylights invite guests to stargaze from bed. Portholes frame endless green fields. Shutters open wide to reveal a blazing maple tree. Floor-to-ceiling glazing overlooks ever-changing river views, and treetop picture windows offer more inspiration than any screen ever could…



Cloud spotting from your outdoor hot tub, or bird watching from your riverside terrace? Morning coffee on your sun-dappled deck, or evening bath beneath a canopy of stars? Marshmallow toasting round the firepit, or pancake flipping on the garden grill? A return to a simpler way of life – lived outdoors – is positively encouraged.


Outdoor living’s all good when the weather’s on your side – and we’re very much pro an enlivening rain shower or bracing clifftop breeze – but what about properly inclement, bone chill-inducing conditions? With everything from sustainable bioethanol stoves to snug window seats and hygge reading nooks from which to watch the storm howl, you’ll be glad of the excuse to spend time indoors.


How do you answer the needs and comfort of the cabin dweller – without cluttering the interior – when space is so limited? It’s a creative challenge that the designers of these compact structures rise to admirably, perhaps inspired by the wild bothies of Scotland, where everything must have a purpose and a place.  

Expertly curated, every square inch of the Rusty Sheds cabins has been ingeniously utilised – from the foldaway table to the perfectly formed kitchenette. Over at Logoutt, the minimalistic feel of the interior – all Japanese clean lines and discreet storage – instantly calms the mind. Beautifully simple bespoke furniture maximises the space at Two Cabins, while hidden drawers, shelves and hanging areas inside the Another Place shepherd huts leave room to kick back and relax.



One of the things that drew us to partner with these special places was their synergy with our founding love of spending time in, on, or by water – and the simultaneously invigorating and calming benefits it brings.

Whether the sweeping lake panorama from the Another Place shepherd huts, the wild swimming idyll of Pamflete Beach – just minutes from South Devon’s Rusty Sheds – the tree-sheltered lakeside deck at Logoutt’s Welsh cabin, or the winding river views from River Dart Hideaway, watery reflections and free-floating encounters await.


Thanks to our partners for the beautiful imagery and inspiration. Look them up and book an escape if you can...

Another Place, The Lake

Two Cabins

The Land, Devon

River Dart Hideaway

Rusty Sheds


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