Coorie with Field and Nest

Coorie with Field and Nest

Emma Lavelle (aka Field and Nest) is a writer, photographer and content creator living in the wilds of West Yorkshire, with an interest in simple living, slow travel and sustainable style. She headed to the hills for a blissful day exploring the Scottish concept of coorie – and the warm glow at the day's close...


Coorie is often on my mind; it basically means embracing the outdoors and surrounding yourself with nature, before returning home for a cosy night in.



Coorie is the perfect word to describe my ideal kind of day. A long hike up my favourite hill (the one that glows at golden hour) with a refreshing dip in the secret lake at the top, followed by a sunset walk home where I’ll enjoy an indulgent bath before lighting a candle and settling down in my favourite armchair with a good book.



My secret lake is located at the top of a steep hill, accessed via a
crumbling path that makes you gasp for breath on your way up. A round
trip to and from the lake (which is actually a disused, cleaned-up dam)
clocks in just over 10,000 steps, making it perfect for an evening

I’m not a year-round swimmer – my wild swimming season has started a
little earlier this year due to the pandemic closing pools and
earlier-than-usual warm temperatures. I do love submerging myself in
cold water though; feeling my skin tingle and the calmness that rushes
over me when I’m swimming.



I take my land&water Explore Set in my backpack, applying the body
lotion and conditioner to soothe dry skin and tangled hair post-swim,
when I’m warming up on the small beach. The hand sanitiser is a welcome
addition during these weird times, for applying after opening gates on my



I love to time my swim to walk back down the hill as the sun sets,
watching the moor light up as I look down on my valley from above. At a
certain point, I can see my house in the distance, tempting me home.



When I arrive home, it’s time to get cosy! I’ll take a long shower or
bath, washing my hair and exfoliating with land&water’s salt scrub,
before slathering my limbs with body oil. My favourite time to indulge
in a home spa experience is post-swim and post-walk, to relieve my skin
after exposing in to harsh conditions – cold water, bright sunshine and
sharp winds.



Finally, I’ll light a candle and settle down in my favourite armchair,
snuggled up with my dog on my lap and a good book in my hand, to lose
myself in its pages.


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