WARM GLOW: A portrait series by Danny North

WARM GLOW: A portrait series by Danny North

Woods. Lake. Beach. Young. Old. Somewhere in between. Countryside. Coast. City. Spending time in nature, breathing fresh air and feeling closer to the elements means something different to each and every one of us.

But the feeling of being uplifted seems to be a universal thread that draws infinite perspectives closer.

Exploring the idea of that warm glow after time outside, we're excited to present our online exhibition by award-winning portrait photographer Danny North.


Danny’s portraits of people in their favourite places – from the River Dart to the Lake District, Crantock beach to South Croydon woods – are truly captivating.

We hope you enjoy discovering them as much as he's enjoyed creating them.

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About Danny

With his down-to-earth approach, Falmouth-based portrait photographer Danny North creates images that capture the spirit and energy of the moment. Using natural light wherever possible, Danny works closely with his subjects to achieve images that are authentic and memorable. From shooting covers for Rolling Stone magazine, to Lewis Hamilton, to local folk on the Hebridean island of Eigg, Danny has won multiple awards and has work in the National Portrait Gallery.

All photographs © land&water | Danny North

Project produced by Stranger Collective


Portrait No.1

Founder of Moorswood (@moorswood) – makers of beautifully crafted natural fibre field rugs for solo adventures or picnic sharing.

Floating down the River Dart one golden afternoon.

"We don't stop often enough any more, and when we do it's often in the wrong place. I feel more alive when I've had a chance to be still out in nature, refreshed and nurtured at the same time. I may well head out for a wander with too many thoughts rushing around my head. But given the chance to rest by the water – especially after being in it – or nestled on the woodland floor, my mind feels more at peace. I love to sit with a freshly made cup of river tea and observe the natural world around me; after a few minutes, it feels so much richer and enlivening. It's not enough to just go there; we need to be there too."


Portrait No.2

A nature allied psychotherapist and ethnographer, who teaches natural history and woodland living skills. Beth founded the Nature Therapy School and Wild in the City (@wildinthecityuk) – an organisation supporting the wellbeing of urban communities. She’s currently writing the book Nature Allied Psychotherapy: Exploring Relationships with our Self, Others and Nature (Routledge).

Somewhere in the South Croydon woods, London.

“I feel at home in nature; it makes my heart sing and I feel at peace. I love being in silent conversation with the trees, the birds, just listening and watching. Sometimes you catch something of the knowledge being shared; it feels a blessing to be part of it.”


Portrait No. 3

A freelance journalist for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and Financial Times, and author of Born to be Wild (Bloomsbury).

Paddling in the rockpools at Watergate Bay in Cornwall on a gloriously sunny afternoon.

“Some places in the world are magic. They just are. You step into them, bodily, and they alter you emotionally.”


Portrait No. 4

Jeff is Brand Director at Millican (@homeofmillican) – makers of sustainable bags for the conscious traveller. He's also a visual artist and co-author of The Outsiders and The New Outsiders (both published by Gestalten).

Hiking the fells of the Lake District with his dog Loki, under a brilliant blue sky.

“Time spent outside is essential for everyone, but for me, it’s where I walk, run, ride, think, reflect, question, challenge and reform my thoughts and feelings. Without the open spaces provided by nature I wouldn’t be able to expand my views and experiences of life. It’s where my lens comes back into focus. Nature guides me...”


Portrait No. 5

A London-based photographer and filmmaker (@gobinderjhitta) specialising in portraiture, fashion, music and lifestyle.

Golden hours spent on Primrose Hill, London.

“Connecting with nature, being outdoors and grounding have played a huge part in big changes to my life recently. They’ve brought balance to what was a whirlwind of chaos. Being barefoot in nature allows me to understand myself, which in turn brings a true peace that I've never felt before."


Portrait No. 6

Kris, AKA @howtoglitteraturd is the author of Glittering a Turd (Unbound), and the founder of @coppafeelpeople – the charity ensuring breast cancer is diagnosed early and correctly by giving young people the confidence to check their chests and seek help.

Finding stillness in the surf at Crantock beach, Cornwall.

“Spending time outdoors allows me to breathe more deeply, take stock and refocus on what is actually important, and allow my imagination to run free. Big spaces outside allow for big spaces inside my head and my lungs. I am completely unburdened.”


Watch Kris's film explaining to us what the idea of LOUD & QUIET means to her...

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