Feed your mind on the benefits of nature with our curated playlist. Then unplug and get outside.

Being in nature is good for us. At land&water we feel it in our bones. We feel it when we first surface, after plunging into cold water. We feel it as we crest a hill, breathless. We feel it when we come back inside, glowing.

But thanks to the scientists, artists and thinkers who’ve done the research, not only do we feel it to be true – we know it to be. See what we mean by diving into our first ever playlist and inspiring yourself to get back out there. You know it’s for your own good.  



This is Your Brain on Nature – National Geographic
A marine biologist, inventor and forest ecologist share amazing discoveries from their respective worlds, revealing the science behind nature’s psychological benefits.




On Being Alone – Emergence Magazine Podcast 
“The tincture of solitude is worth a thousand conversations” – after a solo canoe trip down Utah’s Green River, writer and adventurer Craig Childs lyrically reflects on what happens when it’s just you, earth, river and sky.





Defining a ‘dose’ of nature – Blue Earth
This year, psychologists at the University of Exeter completed a study showing that spending at least two hours out in nature per week significantly boosts health and wellbeing. Dr Mathew White breaks it down.




Why You Should Try the Japanese Art of Forest Bathing – Lifehacker
Researchers in Japan have proven that spending time around trees benefits our minds and bodies in myriad ways. An introduction to the practice of shinrin-yoku, or ‘forest-bathing’.


A Lunar Cycle – Easkey Britton & Finisterre 
“Time felt through the body, the skin of the senses awaken” – surfer Easkey Britton is proof that time in the elements ignites creativity. Her poetic film explores the rhythm of the month as a woman, celebrating a connectedness with the natural world.

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