Podcasts to cast your worries away

Podcasts to cast your worries away

Scent, touch, sound…engaging your senses has a way of easing anxieties and restoring equilibrium. Inspired by the balancing power of our Pulse Point Oils, we’ve rounded up some favourite podcasts – both stimulating and soothing – to cast your mind away from the everyday and reset. From campfire tales to TED talks, natural history to a friendly natter, there’s a listen here to suit all moods.


Breathe deep, press play and feel the sense of calm wash over you…


Portrait of David Attenborough 'Life Stories'


1. David Attenborough's Life Stories

What was Sir David Attenborough’s first pet? Which animal would he most like to be? What secret messages do the melodies and syllables of singing birds carry? And is it possible to extract the DNA from a fly trapped in amber to recreate a dinosaur?

In this enlightening podcast, the doyen of nature documentaries shares his unique insight into the marvels of the natural world – peppering his stories with personal experience and infectious enthusiasm.

Listen here.


The Antidote Podcast image, featuring hosts Amy and Grace.


2. The Antidote

Feeling a little flat? Allow writers/producers and best friends Amy Aniobi and Grace Edwards to lift your mood with their cheerfully chatty musings on life’s pleasures and the antidotes they use to cope with the “dumpster fire” of daily news.

Episode 1 sees Amy and Grace expounding on the joys of hiking in nature – however urban your neighbourhood (they live in LA), and the simple happiness brought by arranging flowers.

Listen here.


Garden, Weeds and Words podcast image, featuring Claire Ratinon.


3. Gardens, Weeds and Words

This green-fingered podcast blends slow radio, gardening advice, conversation and readings from nature writing. The result? A wonderfully calming listen, from which you emerge feeling grounded – and ready to get outside and tend to your own patch of green.

Two episodes especially resonated with us: Healing Nature – an exploration of the curative capacity of nature (and how we can return the favour) with horticulturalist Alys Fowler, and Unearthed, a discussion with grower and author Claire Ratinon prefaced by a reading of Seamus Heaney’s iconic poem, Digging.

Listen here.


Text based graphic 'TED Radio Hour'


4. TED Radio Hour

Exploring the burning questions of our time with the help of the world’s most brilliant minds, this illuminating series combines the best-ever TED talks with interviews and fresh insights in 50-minute listens.

From what determines gender to why we’re living longer, the warped reality of fake news to the subterranean world of underwater caves, topics are as diverse as they are fascinating. The mini-series on oceans is particularly good, with this episode about kelp farming for the climate a land&water top pick.

Listen here.


The Dirtbag Diaries podcast image, featuring colourful illustration of tent and forest.


5. The Dirtbag Diaries

Take the time-honoured tradition of the campfire story, turn it into a podcast, and you have The Dirtbag Diaries – riveting recorded tales of the wild from explorers, writers, photographers, artists and adventurers.

Light our natural mandarin and mint candle, nestle under your biggest blanket and imagine you’re in a woodland clearing under the stars as you tune into Rick’s Rickshaw or Long Walk to Happiness.

Listen here.



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