Woman in red swimming costume, stood in chest-high sea-water, invigoratingly throws up fresh ocean spray.


Salt-lashed beach walks and muscle reviving soaks; time sizing up to the elements, time taking stock back indoors. A good life is a balanced life, and treading the fine lines can help us thrive. Thinking about the year ahead, we’re focusing on how we can look after ourselves; so we can better look after the world, and people around us too.

Woman stands in woodland clearing and soaks up dappled winter sun.


While the year ramps up and routines set in; we’re making sure to carve space in ours for some time outdoors. Whether it’s shutting the laptop and getting natural light on our cheeks – as little as ten minutes can make all the difference for your circadian rhythms – or shifting our work patterns to fit in a walk, surf or swim. We know that fresh air, the colours and patterns of nature, birdsong and light on water lift and restore parts of us that the daily grind – and news cycle – wears down.

And when the sanctuary of the indoors beckons, we’re calling on these self-massage techniques from Watergate Bay Hotel’s head therapist at Swim Club, Morwenna White, to restore body and mind. So we’ll have the energy to get out there and do it all again…

Add a capful of our bath & body oil to damp skin, and try your hand at four of Morwenna’s recommended restorative techniques…

  1. Effleurage is a gentle, gliding massage used to relax and soothe. This movement helps increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Use it at the beginning of a massage to relax and prepare your body for more intense techniques.

  2. Petrissage is a deeper massage technique used to knead the muscles, helping to further increase circulation. Use your fingers and thumbs to make circular motions.

  3. Tapotement involves tapping the skin with your fingers or palms to stimulate the muscles. 

  4. Deep breathing is a great way to relax both body and mind. Inhale for a slow count of four and exhale for a count of eight.

A woman in a swimming costume, rises up from a cool water dip, wet hair and sun shining on her smiling face.

      And if you’re still facing the seasonal lull that comes with darker days, how about some illuminating content? We have you covered… 

      • Immerse yourself in a kindness-themed playlist – just the ticket to buoy spirits

      • Use your flask as a talisman and warm yourself out in the elements like our team

      • Take a leaf out of journalist Hattie Garlick’s book, and join her on a trip to the river, revelling in the “power of nature to somersault your internal world in a quiet, intangible way”. Magic.



        From the very spark of an idea, land&water has bedded its roots deep into two steadfast principles: to create well-made products that tread carefully on the earth, and to find the best packaging solutions for our products as possible.

        Land and Water product photography of packaging and bottles lined up at manufacturers.

        As our brand has gained momentum, spread its wings and reached more like-minded people, we want to stay true to this vision. It’s why we’re tempering the rising tide of plastic pollution, by using Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) for our packaging and only ever stock our larders with ethical and sustainable ingredients.

        B Corp status is not for the faint-hearted and would sniff out a hollow green-washing gesture in a heartbeat.

        Our principles are also why we’re working towards B Corp status; a certification that asks businesses to rise to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s not for the faint-hearted and would sniff out a hollow green-washing gesture in a heartbeat. 

        Image shows a man in high-vis collecting and recycling waste plastic ready to make into Land and Water packaging.

        We’re deep in the process of gaining accreditation and looking forward to hearing the outcome. Given the green light, we’d join the ranks of fellow B Corp businesses doing good by people and planet; such as near neighbours Pentire Drinks who partner with local farmers to source their botanicals and give a percentage of their profits to The Blue Marine Foundation to help restore a healthy ocean. And beryl, changing the face of local travel by providing rentable bikes in towns across the UK that are safe, sustainable, and taking a hearty swipe at carbon emissions with every push of the peddle. 


        Nurturing others, sending goodwill out into the world, and bringing people together to share ideas, support and friendship. Being part of a community can help us flourish, lift us up when we’re down and provide that all-important human connection – whether in person, online, or in mind.

        Settle in for an hour’s listen to Feel Better: Live More, a podcast episode by Dr Chatterjee, on  The Life-Changing Power of Connecting With Others. It’s a life-affirming compilation on the theme of community and relationships, exploring how interactions with other human beings could be the key to living a full, robust life – whether it’s giving, volunteering your time or simply lending an ear.

        Group from Dementia Adventure on a guided nature walk.

        Group from Dementia Adventure on a guided nature walk.

        This year, as a brand, we’re building connections with
        Dementia Adventure, a charity close to our hearts. Their work helps reconnect people living with dementia to the natural world, offering them a community of support to help them live a more fulfilled and active life. Read how their Head of Adventure Catherine Reed likes to get out in nature as part of our Elemental Women series.

        Inspired by
        Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February, we’ll be extending our act for the whole month of February by donating 5% of online revenue to Dementia Adventure. 


        Intrigued by the work of Dementia Adventure? Help spread the positive impact of time in nature for the people that need it most, by learning more and donating to this brilliant charity.

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