VISUAL DIARY: From botany to bottle

VISUAL DIARY: From botany to bottle

Join us on a journey from botany to bottle, flower to fragrance, with an immersive new visual diary documenting the creative process behind our all-natural bath & body products.

Take a tour of the idyllic setting for our creations, step inside our larder of sustainably sourced ingredients and meet the expert technicians – all ex-chefs – who carefully select and blend them. Dive in, and discover a thoughtful process rooted in nature every step of the way.



Meadows buzzing with wildlife, endless fields of green, ancient trees quietly keeping watch. The setting for our creations, deep in rural Somerset, is a picture of bucolic bliss – surrounded by nature.



We thoughtfully select and sustainably source the finest natural ingredients – from fruit and flower essential oils to coastal plants like samphire and sea buckthorn, whose tiny orange berries are packed with skin rejuvenating properties – to evoke the therapeutic benefits of time in the elements.



Our leading apothecarist, Richard, helps us unearth the natural scent combinations that bring land&water products to life.

Balancing relaxation and alertness, we blend two different scent worlds; one exhilarating and airy, the other restoring and serene. Think buoyant citrus with earthy cedarwood, or invigorating mint with calming lavender.

Used sensitively and in meaningful quantities, our pure essential oils summon a warm glow.



The land&water larder is stocked with ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients. Fresh, alive, and powerful in their action, the botanical materials we select mean our whole collection is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.



All our technicians are ex-chefs with a talent for nurturing ingredients and an innate sense of creativity that shines in the land&water ‘kitchen’. We’re always looking for ways to invest in our team, so we train our technicians, sponsoring them through biochemistry degrees.

Using craftsmanship, small-batch philosophy, and the most progressive innovations in biotechnology, we allow nutrients to flourish and deliver therapeutic value – both physically and psychologically.



Our packaging ethos centres on re-use, recycle and refill.

Following two years of intensive research and development, we make our land&water bottles in Norfolk using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. By replacing virgin materials, we’re contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste.

Some of our products are housed in glass, which is widely recycled and endlessly reusable. Our outer packaging and labels are made from 100% FSC-certified paper stocks, showing our commitment to sustainable sourcing. Finally – making our products even kinder to the planet (and your purse) – we recently launched our bumper 5L refill bottles.

Discover more about our sustainable packaging journey in the Sustainability Unpacked blog post.

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