…an elevated sense of wellbeing.


Clean, grapefruit wake-ups. The soothing warmth of neroli and ylang ylang. Memories of bracing dips, lost afternoons and sleeps by the sea.

Cedarwood, mint, samphire – whether invoking scent-sparked memories or recreating the fresh skin invigoration that comes from being amongst the elements, land&water harnesses pure essential oils and botanical actives to summon that warm glow. 

Thoughtfully selecting and sustainably sourcing the finest natural ingredients – from fruit, flower and plant essential oils to actives like hydrosalinol (derived from samphire, which grows on the fringes of land and sea) – we blend them with spirit, imagination and scientific expertise. 

Balancing relaxation and alertness, we blend two different scent worlds; one exhilarating and airy, the other restoring and serene. Used sensitively and in meaningful quantities, our essential oils are fresh, alive and powerful in their action – giving emotional and therapeutic benefits that are drawn from, and inspired by, nature’s infinite design.


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