Close-up image of new spring leaves growing from a Japanese Maple tree


Warmer skies, early blooms – forget hibernating with boxsets. We’re reacquainting ourselves with being energetic in the wild outdoors, the pleasure of discovery, and watching the changes around us as the natural world surges with new life. Let our mini-playlist accompany your springtime explorations…



    3-minute watch:

    To gently ease you out of winter and back into sun-kissed greenery, digital artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen’s video Catharsis (2019) offers a brief simulated plunge into a tree canopy, featuring 3D textures and sounds collected from North American forests.

    Catharsis, 2019 from Jakob Kudsk Steensen on Vimeo.


        7-minute listen:

        Spring’ from Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher’s 2021 album Inner Symphonies is a mesmerising soundscape. Simple piano lines, shimmering strings and the gentlest hint of vocals filter in. Gorgeous to wake up to as morning takes hold, or as a soundtrack to solo walks through woods and fields.


            Take as long as you like with this read:

            With its mix of poetry and prose, Spring by The Folio Society (ed. Sue Bradbury) is a beautifully designed anthology. Capturing the tender, reflective and joyous moods that spring provokes, this short volume is primed to uplift.

            Image of the hardback book 'Spring: A Folio Anthology'

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