Looking back at this summer, while it wasn’t always sunny (!) – the good days in the mix urged us to squeeze out maximum joy from dawn to dusk and beyond. Action-packed days and warm nights outside almost made us feel like we were enjoying two days in one – squeezing out every last drop of summer time. Welcome to our end-of-summer visual celebration...

Featuring images from our favourite land&water photographers Rhona McDade, Danny North and James Bowden – we head on a visual journey to explore that unique feeling conjured by golden sun, warmth on your skin, sleeping outside, days in and on the water, and gathering around a fire or table (or both) with good friends. How many days until next summer...?

INTO THE WOODS / by Rhona McDade

Barefoot days, berry picking, the wind rustling through the treetops above. Rhona's beautiful images capture golden days and sleeping out with our friends at 7th Rise on the River Fal.

WATER TIME / by Danny North

Capturing the radiance and pure joy we feel after getting in the water, Danny shot these images as part of a special commission for our Warm Glow portrait series and zine. See the full exhibition and find out more about Kris Hallenga and Charles Fanshawe, photographed below. 

PATHS LESS TRODDEN / by James Bowden

Summer Fridays, finishing early and heading off with friends. Rocky shores, local knowledge, escaping the crowds. Cooling off then warming up around the fire as the sun sets... Photographer, surfer and adventurer James Bowden lives and breathes what he shoots – and brings us along for the journey. Meet James in our photographer profile.

FINDING PEACE / by Danny North

Reconnecting and grounding through green spaces in the city, or early morning mountain hikes to think, reflect, question... and walk the dog. These beautiful shots of Gobinder Jhitta and Jeffrey Bowman are also part of Danny North's Warm Glow exhibition for land&water.


DAYS LIKE THESE / by James Bowden

Light shining off the water; food, laughs, special moments shared with friends and loved ones. Photographer James Bowden has spent many happy times at 7th Rise too, as well as venturing to the Lake District to capture swimming in Ullswater from Another Place (first image).


INHALE / by Rhona McDade

Unplug and breathe... You can almost smell the salt breeze, suncream, fresh grapefruit and cool woodland bursting from Rhona's beautiful glimpses of summer time. Feelings we've tried to bottle in the land&water collection...

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